Dr Rafael Gaszynski


Surgical specialist in General and Upper gastrointestinal surgery
Dr Rafael Gaszynski

Committed to Excellence
in Surgery

Dr. Rafael Gaszynski, a highly skilled and accomplished General Surgeon, specializes in the surgical management of diseases affecting the stomach, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. With a practice based in Sydney’s upper north shore, he is dedicated to providing patient-centered care with compassion, communication, and shared decision-making.

Surgical specialist in the following areas

Liver conditions

Pancreatic conditions

Spleen diseases and conditions

Gallbladder disease

Stomach disease including reflux

Oesophageal conditions

Weight loss surgery


Hernia surgery

Key-hole surgery

Small intestine conditions

Appendix surgery

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy

Why choose me

As a healthcare professional, my foremost priority is to ensure the well-being and safety of my patients. I stay current with the latest advancements in surgical care through ongoing education and research to provide state-of-the-art quality treatment. I approach each surgical procedure with precision and care, and take a holistic approach to patient care, treating each individual with compassion and empathy. Clear and honest communication is a key aspect of my patient care philosophy, and I strive to keep my patients informed about their treatment options and priorities.

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